Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Schools back from Summer

We started school back up officially last Monday after taking time off. It is just so hot outside, our upstairs airconditioner is broke and my van has been a little chosey as to if and when it is going to start. So if I'm going to be entertaining them and they have to be inside then they might as well be learning. We are using a plethora of different things. As a friend said, "There are too many good options out there to be pinned down to just one." So what is on our book shelves? The main one is Charlotte Mason. I have long been a lone ranger to not go the traditional route of starting our kids our with formal school at age 4-5 so that we have the smartest kids. It is a little scary at times, but have felt the need to train them and allow their little minds and bodies time to mature to start "actual schooling". The Moore's Institue recommends that that age is anywhere from 8-10 or possibly even age 12 for some. In the past we have done a lot of hands on "living" school and bible studies. This will continue every where I can. I did a little test with Brian on his math and although he hasn't had any formal school yet, he was at the 1st grade level of math. He can't sing the ABC's perfectly but he can read quite a few words. We have a little Konos, a little Danielle's place, a little Abeka, a little sonlight, Animals A-Z unit studies, English from the Roots, Italic Handwriting, Phonics, Polished cornerstones for the girls, Plants grown up for the boys, Instructions in Righteousness, Managers of the Home (gifted to me just today from a friend...yeah! What a blessing. I have long wanted this book but after a run of expensive breakdown items this week, I knew it was going to have to wait), online unlimited options, our bookshelves are overflowing, the library, museums, nature, life, lots of good stuff.

There is nothing like getting new books and markers and crayons and notebooks to revive an excitement to learn more. We have our basic course to follow and then the other gets added in. We attempt to school year round which also gives me more freedom when I can take off and what we can cover. I'll have 3 this year...although Gabby and Brian are still in their maturing growing stage.

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Shan said...

I love it when you girls talk about your homeschooling choices and plans. I can live it vicariously through you since I never managed to do it myself.
My husband and I decided to homeschool our youngest this year since he is not mature enough for school and he is developmentally slower across the board. But since he gets 3-4 therapies covered through Medicaid the 'powers that be' said he must go to school this year to receive his therapies. It's going to be interesting to see how this goes. Yikes. We are going to try and if it is terrible then we'll bring him home. He knows his stuff but can't always communicate that he does when asked to do or say something.


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