Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So how do you keep glasses on a 2 year old?

Yesterday morning was the annual eye dr appointment for the 4 kids. Not to be done again. Not only was the 2 1/2 hour ordeal longer than their patience, I also found myself more annoyed with the dr's assistant as she was condescending from the beginning. Which is why when she was later talking with another secretary about she didn't understand why her friend had avoided her all weekend, I wanted to pipe up, "because your people skills stink!" Ugh. I have just had a run in lately with too many people that I have no idea how they have made it this far in life without ever having someone throw the book, "How to win friends and influence people!" at their head. (This was not a suggestion from the book).

Ok, better now. So anyhow, Wyatt's is very farsighted, which explains the drunken stagger he has at times going down steps and the reason for him not quite rounding the corners without running right into things. The poor baby isn't clumsy, he just can't see well. We take him back in 6 months to have another look and see if there are any changes, but if no improvement, we are going to start him with glasses. I wasn't surprised as I'm pretty much legally blind myself, however I'm near sighted and was surprised to hear he was the opposite. Thank God for allowing us the technology for correcting our sight. Can you imagine back in the Bible days? I can't stand to not see. In fact, the night of the bad tornado here, we woke up to the sirens going off and rather than me running for the safety of the cubbie hole in an attempt to save my life, I ran to the kitchen for my purse to get my glasses.


Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Sorry about the rude assistant! Yikes.

Poor baby. I hope his little eyes will improve, but he sure would look cute in glasses!!! :-)

Shan said...

Oh dear. Well I'm just impressed you had all your kids eyes checked. It doesn't really occur to me to check the 10 yr old's eyes at the Dr.'s office. I just ask him what things are way down the street and he spots them. I guess my next approach will be to have him read the instructions on the Advil bottle or something. I am a genius.
Dandy on the other hand does have glasses and got them when he was almost two. Both of his eyes were crossed (or I probably wouldn't have suspected trouble). He pulled them off a lot but they do get used to them. Little ones especially like to wear their glasses if it makes them see much better. You can get the kind with grabby ear parts to keep them on. They also make titanium frames that practically be wadded up and they spring back to their proper shape. Wal-Mart sells those and they have specials in the summer time for back to school but the six month thing might not work out so well this time.
I've been barfing all over the comment boxes today. You just can't shut me up, sorry.


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