Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just a Little Practical Joke

"...but a child left to himself, [or with dad]bringeth his mother shame."
Yes, the inquisitive young boy is emerging. I thought each family only had one of "those" kids that they had to worry about. But I'm beginning to think it's just boys in general. I refuse to believe I'm the only one so lucky to get two.

I wonder who did this?!!!

Yes this is Sharpie marker.

He used the Sharpie like a Q-Tip in BOTH ears.

I've been trying to clean out his ears the best he'll allow. So with all the ear and QTip chatter this week, we decided to play a little joke on Allen.

I cut a Q-Tip in half.

Then Gabby just barely held it in her ear and asked him, "Do you think I have this in too far?"


Bekah said...

Ha-ha-ha on the practical joke! Did Allen freak? I sure would!
To get the Sharpie off the door, use nail polish remover (I am speaking from experience). :-)

Trish said...



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