Monday, February 22, 2010

Birthday Boy's Cakes and Gifts

Wyatt's turned 3 and as you can see, I was not joking about the cake disaster. My prayer for this kid this next month is to get him potty trained, which I'm paying the kids to do. I have been buying diapers for almost 10 years!

Some friends had us to their home the night of Brian's birthday and I took the cake that was designed by the 7th year old himself.

What a wonderful hostess we had, not only did she call ahead of time to find out Brian's favorite meal, but she had ice cream, party plates and the family had gifts for him. It really made him feel special. Although his favorite part of the night was hanging out in the basement with his new found friend playing the Wii racing game.

And yes, all 10 kids belong to just our two families. :)

Aunt Gina sent Brian the gift he has been asking for and now we all are getting it! We know that when we hear "It's Nerf or Nothin'" that we had better take cover. And they do sting!
I love you boys.


Soaring High said...

Sweet pictures. So did Brian make his own cake or did Gabbie make it. You are such a patient Momma.

Suzanne said...

Actually I made the cake:) I just had to follow directions as to how it was suppose to look and Brian put the trees, cars and rocks (candy) on. Unfortunately he didn't wash the cars or trees 1st.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.


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