Friday, February 26, 2010

Welcome Home

Last year I posted about our financial downfall and I never thought that this would be the follow up I would be posting this year.

March 26, 2009, our home on Carl St. was sold back to the bank. I know that most people would not be impressed with this 100 year old home, but we loved it. The kids knew it as home and even though we saw the hand of God on us during that difficult time, we still ached every time we drove by. The kids still asked when we'd move home, getting upset that no one was taking care of the yard, feeling like they "lost a friend."

One Sunday I had a vision of a specific couple buying the house and renting to us, but that's not something you call and ask someone to do. Two days later, this same contractor called us and asked if we were interested in moving back home. A couple days after that, he called back and his offer was accepted on our home and he closes March 26th.

We had supper with them and we are doing a lease to own.

I am overwhelmed. Literally weak. I feel like this is a big deal and want it to be special in the way of announcement. I thought about sending out welcome home cards with our new address or have a open house BBQ and house blessing. I want to "speak of the glorious splendor of His majesty and wonderful works". God is a God that gives and takes away and is the God of restoration. He does things that are impossible for us to accomplish so that He will be glorified.

There are no coincidences so what do you call it when the house was suppose to sell 4 other times and hasn't and then 1 year to the date we get to move back in?

In addition, while we were living there previously we had a bad experience with the neighbor boy and he was no longer welcome to come over. A couple of weeks ago, a friend said he had moved. While it just seemed like information then, it seems like one more preparation for our return to be welcome and safe now.

As with any old house there are always projects to complete, but this time I'll be thankful to finish painting that room I was in the middle of, thankful for the yard work, and thankful to patch that floor. This will be the 1st time since we drove away that last time, that I won't feel like we are trespassing when we drive by.

I am just amazed. But neither would I give this year back. My husband has softened and his faith renewed. The kids got to see The church in action by way of the body of Christ. They also had a difficult and hurtful experience but got to see God be there at every turn and now will see Him do it again.

I think about the Israelites having their tent mindset and continuing the tradition of taking their families every year for a week to camp out to remind them that their homes are just temporal, we can live anywhere. And I kind of view this home we've been in this last year as just that.

We are still praying that if at anytime this is not the direction we are to travel, that the doors will shut. I know the other couple is praying about it as well. The bank has stated that they are not taking the house off the market until the final papers are signed as they are waiting for better offers to come along and have a right to back out at any time. We feel at peace and know that God is in the midst and in control.

I am overjoyed and feel so humble that He continues to love us in tangible ways.


Charlie said...

Thank you for sharing. I so enjoy your beautiful writing. Enjoy the old/ new house.

Suzanne said...

Thank you Charlie.

Adelia said...

You, your family and your story are blessings to so many!!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Wow...just, wow! God is so amazing and so much bigger than we could ever imagine. Love I spy God stories!


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