Thursday, May 20, 2010


I am reading a wonderful little diddy of a book called "The Homeschool Journey". So far the first several chapters have been more for me as a person than anything about homeschooling. Talking about integrity, servant hood, humility and obedience. Obedience is nothing new for any parent, but I can always learn from others. I used to think that self-control, or the lack of, was at the core of most of my problems I bring on myself. But the author challenged me to see it as a slave to self, full of pride. Disobedience to the will of God. That cuts deep. It is honestly so much easier to say I had lost self control and over ate than it is to admit that I committed gluttony and disobeyed God's will for my body.

Jesus in the garden was tore between his flesh and his will and his Father's will. "If there is any way this cup can pass, if there is any way You can get me out of this, do it!" "Nevertheless not My will but Thine be done." And He prayed it not just once, but 3 times. - (That's a summary:) Matthew 26:39-44 So the victory that took place on the cross was because of Christ choosing to serve and have ultimate obedience.

So it goes with letting our children disobey. It is never the easy thing to stop and correct our kids, or at least for me it's not. I do not like disciplining them. I do not like taking things away and seeing their sad little faces. I'm the mom, isn't it my job to love and protect them to the ends of the earth? I often fear I look like a hypocrite with my own shortcomings as I am still striving to have my life reflect more of Christ's characteristics. This has been my own arch enemy in doubting if I even have a right to correct the kids at time.

I have often gained their obedience with bribes, or asked each individual child to do the chores they are already good at or enjoy. But this is for my own comfort level, so that there is no butting of heads. But there is also no true uncomfortableness to reach their hearts to become genuine servers and die to their own self will and build their obedience muscles.

My desire is not that my kids help keep a clean home, but that they have joyful hearts when asked to serve in our home. The very heart of servant hood and obedience is humility. A quality that will be seen in the way we live our lives.

It is only by God's grace with me that I can learn to to apologize to the kids when I am disobedient. I am slowly growing more confident and keeping the end in sight as we fall and get back up to run the race we are called to finish. I pray that I will be a better example to my children to teach by my walk rather than by my talk.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Christ is intentional

There are so many things around us in life that appear to be "bad". So many tragedies, events, hurts and failures that hit us hard, and cut to the heart. Things that feel like they are a punishment, or maybe God had forgotten about us. No matter how our human minds might conceive such events and even when burdens feel like more than we can bear, we can hold fast to the truth that Christ is intentional.

Everything that comes our way has a purpose for our own good. Whether it is to grow in character, empathy, humbleness or for us to come back to our Father's feet. Even in the death of Lazarus, a friend that Christ loved and wept over. There was no mistake. While it pained Christ to hear of his death and know the hurt the family faced, in this event He was able to raise the dead. He took something so sad and devastating and healed that hurt like no one else was able to. He was able to convert those who did not believe. Convince those who were bordering and saw the miracle. And deepen the faith of his disciples, the very men that lived and ate with the Son of God.

We watched a documentary on the History Channel about the Black Blizzards of the dust bowl. One man had attached a wire from the barn to the house so that if he was caught in the barn when the storm came that he could close his eyes and the wire would lead him to safety. I pray that when facing a hardship of any kind, that we will reach out and grab that wire of prayer that will lead us to the Father. He already knows the answers and He can make good what the enemy has intended for destruction.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My Own Secret Garden

We went and watched the play "The Secret Garden" although it made into a musical and with heavy British accents, overall I would have to say it was...long and not at all like the movie we rented. Not to mention we sat in the balcony. In an old building. We lots of other people. And you all know how little I like that sort of setting. The kids did great to sit thru the 90 minutes. However, it was a play and an experience to enjoy. Plus it was free:)
You would think that I would learn to check all the pockets when I have 3 boys to wash laundry for in this house. But I haven't. Here is a picture of my own private secret garden of goodies in my washer tonight.

14 Crayons, 14 water balloons, 12 screws, 54 cents, 2 ponytail holders (my fault), 2 ink pens, 1 marble, 1 nail, 1 key and yes, 1 razor blade.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Just Life

Ballet Beauties after performance at JBU for morning worship.
Katelyn and Wyatt sittin' in a tractor....
Building a house out of kid size Lincoln Logs (Allen's dad made these for us)The skirt that Grandma Connie made. You can take the boy off the tractor, but you can't take the tractor seat away from the boy.Wild Horse Ministries. It was fabulous.Keys: It's what's always in his pocket. Two baby kittens and one tired momma.Airing up the tires.Night out with girlfriends.Afternoon of fishing. 5 little monkeys, jumpingLast time with our JBU gals for this semester. We all love Steph and Tori.We don't do a lot of art, but this was the Spotted Leopard Frog and Gabby had to add a full background to the printout. :)Studied Neutrals in art today and viewed some of Escher's work. (One of my favorites.)This is Gabby's. She cut out all the pieces, even the dog's legs are individually cut and glued.


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