Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Calgon take me away.

During the day it is often hard for me to hear God's voice, after all there are three little ones 6 and under competing for my attention, competing for a toy, competing for the first snack. There is the washer and dryer that run almost constantly, the dishwasher which requires at least one cycle a day, the ringing phone, the fax, the doorbell, the stomping of little feet...Even when the kids are quiet to watch a movie, the TV is on. The thoughts in my head are quick and short lived. "Did I cut up the fruit for snack time? Is the dryer done yet? Did everyone brush their teeth? Where are we at on chores? Who threw the 100 piece puzzle all over the school room?! Who put the dixie cups in the toilet?!" As wonderful as the old Calgon commercials are if I were to lock the door and slip into the tub the peace would only be for about 2 minutes before the knocking would begin and inquiries to how much longer I would be, if I could get someone a drink, if they could take a bath with me. I adore my kids and my heart almost aches with pride and laughter daily at the silly things they do, but as mom's it really does require a lot from us. Our time, our attention, our energy and sometimes a delay on our dreams. I get up early in the morning, usually 4:30am. And this is the most peaceful quiet part of my day. The time when I can make lunch for my hubby, put in the first load of laundry, start supper, do some invoices, journal, study the word and listen to my Lord. Now I'm not a "Superwoman", far from it. After I'm up for about 2 hours, I usually slip back into bed for an hour nap or until the first patter of little feet starts it's way down the stairways. For me, that time with the Lord has been so vital in keeping my heart, attitude and life in check. There has been so many struggles over the years that had I not had the friendship and trust in my Lord, I don't know what my outcome would have been. I have never audibly heard His voice. But there are many times when an answer has came either from a friend, a dream, the Word itself, or scripture that I had read and studied a year ago. If we don't know Him, we don't know His voice, direction or way. So rather than a bubblebath that gives peace for a minute, I encourage you to soak yourself in Him daily which will give peace for life. (Anxiety in the hear of man causes depression, but a good word makes it glad. Prov 12:25)

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