Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hubby is getting an F

My hubby has been in a better mood the last couple of days. So today he made it known that he felt bad that he had not been helping me more. (He didn't use the words, I think in his mind "I'm sorry" is a curse word). So I joked along with him and told him that I thought the reason that some of my friends were brought into my life were because my friends' husband's make him look good. So he asked who and why.

Well *I'm not using real names* Martha's husband is a lot more demanding than you. Anna's hubby gives the the royal creeps and he's very lazy.

So hubby says "I'm better than 2?" I told him that those were just the 2 worst. So he has now called about 3 more times today to tell me other hubbies that he thought he was better than. For example Jayla's hubby not fixing their car for 3 months and they have 4 kids, Emma's hubby is addicted to porn, what about my dad?! there's another one." So when he called just now, he said "OK, I have 1 more that puts my up over 7 other guys! How many friends do you have?"

I said "why don't we round it off to an even hundred. Which still puts in you the F grade range score!" lol.

So bless his heart, I'm sure his mind is still going trying to compare himself to the other husbands. I will have to add into his love bank account this week to make sure he knows there is no better fit for me.

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